How We Work

Ski Deal Comparison was founded to make every winter holiday maker’s life easier. Connor and Gerard were tired of trawling through different websites to figure out which resort is the most suitable and which provider can offer it to you at the best price. So we built a tool that does all of this for you.

Our market research suggests that by providing you with a means of selectively filtering your holiday this makes you happier and more comfortable!

How it Works…

1. You choose your filter – are you in search of awesome apres, sensational skiing, a family orientated trip, luxury or travelling on a budget?

2. Click Search

3. You get presented with what we call ‘deal cards’. This is  a representation of what the package consists of. This includes the resort, accommodation information, cost of the trip and included extras.

4. Click the Book icon to take you directly to the providers website for secure booking and to find out more about your package.

We want to make the entire process more transparent and easier to compare to find the right deal! In the next coming months we aim to scale our tool across more and more providers to give you an even greater representation of whats out there! Bear with us, it takes time! Feel free to get in touch if you have any query’s!

Happy Searching,

The Ski Deal Comparison Team