Origins #1 – Start With Why

Ski Deal Comparison was founded out of frustration. Let’s flip back to November, I was sitting at my desk trawling through the endless amount of websites offering ski deals, skiing packages and hotels in exotic white powder locations.

45 web browser tabs open, ranging from local ski pass providers, ski rental shops,, apres ski reviews and snow reports. It was mind numbing.

Enter Gerard, our technical co-founder with a similar passion for great skiing and user experience. Thus began the discussion about whether we could make the holy grail of a winter trip website. Surely we could pull together all of the information into one site which could suit everyone?

And so, Ski Deal Comparison was born. An enhanced filtering tool to give the power of search to you. You being the end user, the powder pursuers, advocates of the apres, the skiier and snowboarder. We believe in transparency. Transparency in pricing, reviews, ratings. Upfront knowledge so you aren’t slapped in the face at the end with the mahoosive price per person. A small amount of our own skiing preferences have been added to the user experience which most of you have expressed your love of already, ‘selective filtering’. An initial filter to determine if you’re seeking the wildest apres ski, raddest powder conditions or cheapest prices. Check out the initial working prototype at – it’s a work in progress so bare with us. Thoughts and comments appreciated!

Happy searching!


2 Replies to “Origins #1 – Start With Why”

  1. Hi Connor Firstly best of luck with this great idea I’m a work colleague of ur mums and we ski in Austria every yr since 2000 ( yea we are old )
    I’m excited to check out your fav haunts we find it a disaster to travel from cork to any ski resort for 4-5 days the choice from Dublin and U.K Are a different story.
    Enjoy the venture and I’ll pass this on to family in U.K.

    1. Hi Martha!

      Thank you for reaching out! Its good to hear we can potentially offer some value. It would be good to hear your pain points when travelling from Ireland! If you want to vent it all out please email so we can try and solve some of them!

      Ski Deal Comparison

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